Friuli Venezia Giulia: several landscapes and traditions in the same region

Friuli Venezia Giulia: several landscapes and traditions in the same region

Slow and sustainable tourism is a natural evolution for a region characterized by open spaces, nature and a wide variety of landscapes, all within a few hundred miles.

In a moment in which the industry is redefining various standards, Friuli Venezia Giulia is looking at tourism in a new way as well. We talked about it with Bruno Bertero, Marketing Director of PromoTurismoFVG.


“For years, we have been working to promote Friuli Venezia Giulia as a sustainable destination, combining environmental protection with the enhancement of different traditions and typicality”, Bertero begins. “Among open spaces, nature and a wide variety of landscapes in a few hundred miles we try to enhance this lifestyle, strengthening services and cycling routes combined with food and wine and culture. One example is the 'Io sono Friuli Venezia Giulia' brand, which combines sustainable companies, transparent and traceable products made with local raw materials, and restaurants that pay attention to Zero Food Mile”.


Today's travellers are increasingly experienced and informed, especially those who are more sensitive to the issue of sustainability. And certainly quality is one of the key ingredients to satisfy visitors. “That's why we started the Ambassador project, which represents an opportunity to experience the area through the passions of its inhabitants, promoting a destination through its specialties and its people”, adds Bertero. “For this project in 2021, we also won the award from the international jury of Creative Tourism Awards as the best creative destination, for the ability to enhance local communities and offer tourists authentic and sustainable experiences”.


The trend that seemed to see 2022 as the breakthrough year is currently stalling, but there is hope for a new upswing in the coming months. The Director concludes: “People want to travel, focusing on safety, sustainability and services: this gives us hope because our region, off the beaten track of mass tourism, is an attractive destination. We expect a summer in some ways similar to that of 2021, with more 'courage' and desire on the part of tourists to make up for lost time. Summer 2021 could count on an increase in attendance beyond the most optimistic expectations, allowing for a recovery of more than 80 percent of the recorded number of 2019”.


The appointment with Friuli Venezia Giulia will be at BIT 2022 at fieramilanocity from Sunday 10 to Tuesday 12 April 2022.