Basilicata: a fascinating region just waiting to be discovered

Basilicata: a fascinating region just waiting to be discovered

From its Tibetan bridges, Skywalk and the beaches of Maratea to the super-hospitality of Matera and its film tourism, the Region introduces itself to the world at BIT 2022.

Basilicata itself is “a novelty”: a destination waiting to be discovered, offering travellers a stunning cultural and natural-environmental heritage. This is the philosophy the Region is bringing to BIT 2022, held at fieramilanocity from Sunday 10th to Tuesday 12th of April.


“An area where you can enjoy adrenaline-filled outdoor activities, such as the Angel’s Flight between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, or the world's longest Tibetan bridge inaugurated just a few months ago in Castelsaraceno,” outlines Antonio Nicoletti, Managing Director of Apt Basilicata.


“Or there's the Skywalk along the cliffs of Maratea opening soon, the Parco delle Stelle amusement park in Trecchina and much more. No less striking are the bike trips, which we’ve created an app for , 'Basilicata Free to Move’, available in four languages with 21 routes totalling 1270 km.”


A common quality shared wherever you’re travelling in this region, originally known as Lucania, is the feeling of awe and wonder:


ancient villages on the cliffs, the green of the woods or the clay of the calanchi, dotted with monasteries and churches.


“And then there's the sea, with stony Maratea, the 'pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea' with its sense of glamour and breath-taking beauty, and the Ionian coast characterised by broad sandy beaches and modern, welcoming accommodation,” Nicoletti adds. “Last but not least, Matera has consolidated its international reputation as an attractive, welcoming destination, 'the most welcoming in the world' according to Booking.”


Heritage the Basilicata Region will present not only at its stand, but also at the events: “We’ve organised two sessions entitled ‘Basilicata, terra di passioni’ [Basilicata: land of passions, land of imagination]. On Sunday April 10th at 15:30 in Coral Room 3. Raffaele Morelli, a renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist, will talk about ‘Il viaggio come fonte di benessere per il corpo e la mente’ [Travel as a source of wellbeing for body and mind]. Monday April 11th at 10:00 in Coral Room 1, we're holding a session on ‘Basilicata, terre dell’immaginario’ [Basilicata: land of imagination] in which we will talk about the region's cinematic experience, starting from the last James Bond film shot in Matera,” the Managing Director concludes.


Basilicata awaits operators and travellers alike at BIT 2022, held at fieramilanocity from Sunday 10th to Tuesday 12th of April.